Finding the perfect luxury vinyl flooring for your home is an exciting opportunity with benefits that cater to every area throughout your home. But once the materials are in place, you'll want to know more about cleaning these surfaces for the longest possible lifespan.

The more you know, the better your results

Understanding the cleaning requirements for luxury vinyl flooring is crucial to any remodel. Here are some questions and their answers to give you more information as you get ready to shop.

  1. Can I steam clean these floors? Unfortunately, we discourage all steam cleaners for waterproof flooring maintenance, as most manufacturers’ warranties are voided by their use. In addition, they use excessive temperatures and pressure, and both can damage your new surfaces. 
  2. Can I use abrasive cleaners for scrubbing? No, scrubbing cleaners contain abrasive materials that will scratch and damage the surface of your floors. It's best to use only the solutions your manufacturer suggests or contact us for more information and help. 
  3. How often should I clean my luxury vinyl flooring? As often as necessary is a good rule of thumb, but at least once daily in busy households. Sweep debris from your waterproof vinyl flooring, follow with a damp mop, and repeat.

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Georgia Carpet and Floors always offers an extensive materials inventory for the fastest installation times. But we can also pass our savings on to you when we purchase large quantities of flooring from our suppliers at reduced pricing.

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