Is steam cleaning a good choice for luxury vinyl flooring?

Is steam cleaning a good choice for luxury vinyl flooring?

If you have luxury vinyl flooring in your home, cleaning is already an essential part of your daily routine to ensure the beauty and performance you've always expected. But occasionally, you may wonder whether steam cleaning is a viable option for these floors, and here are some facts that can help you decide.

Facts that can change your flooring results

We are often asked whether steam cleaning is viable for cleaning and sanitizing this surface since steam and heat loosen dirt and kill germs. Unfortunately, steam cleaning is never a solution for waterproof vinyl flooring products for various reasons.

First, it's essential to know that steam cleaning can damage the all-important protective topcoat, which helps guard against daily wear. Steam is notorious for causing this layer to peel, crack, or warp, increasing the visible damage by years.

Second, these cleaners' intense force and pressure can cause moisture to breach seams and edges, leading to swelling, buckling, and stability damage. Finally, since humidity can lead to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, you'll face subfloor damage and potential health risks, especially over time, for your luxury vinyl flooring.

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