Laminate flooring

Are you looking to update the look of your home by fitting it with a brand new surface underfoot? Curating a modern look in your living space is both simple and affordable when you visit to our flooring showroom. Georgia Carpet & Floors carries a massive selection of laminate flooring, so you can be certain that you'll find a style that matches your design ideas while staying within your budget.

Many homeowners long to have the classic appeal and natural beauty of hardwood and stone resting just beneath their feet. While these materials offer a remarkable look and feel, they can also be quite costly, especially if you're redressing a great deal of floorspace. When you need a choice that's equally attractive as it is budget-friendly, you can turn to our specialists for discount laminate floors.

You don't have to settle for the same old style in your home. When you're tired of looking at outdated floors, update your interior space with one of our stunning laminate selections. Whether your design visions call for laminate floor tile, look-alike flooring, or something else entirely, you can rest assured that you'll receive the floors you want at a competitive rate.

When you first step into our expansive showroom, you'll be greeted by our courteous staff. At your request, one of our knowledgeable team members will gladly guide you through every step of the selection process, so you can be sure you're getting exactly what you want. After determining your budget and design goals, we'll help you find the best laminate flooring that fits your needs. In addition, we'll even provide you with a free estimate for the total price of the floor. All of our floors are made to enhance the look of any space, so you can't go wrong with any of our designer-quality options.

Laminate floors combine durability and elegance

The looks of hardwood and natural stone are highly sought-after options for many homeowners. However, for those looking for more budget-friendly options that are easy to maintain, laminate is the perfect choice. With our discount laminate floors from some of the top manufacturers in the industry, you'll be able to enjoy the durability you deserve for a price that you love.

Not only are our options visually appealing, they are also incredibly durable. Few flooring options function as consistently in multiple areas of the home as well as laminate does. Its unique manufacturing process bonds multiple layers of high-density fiberboard together, making laminate flooring effective in areas that experience a substantial amount of foot traffic.

The topmost layer of each piece protects it from fading or scratches. Its second layer contains a high-resolution image of the material you wish to emulate. The third layer, the core, is comprised of dense fiberboard to keep it strong, while the final backing layer protects the piece from moisture and offers support to prevent it from warping. Due to this strong multi-layered construction, you won't have to worry about how your selection will fare in your home.

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Choose laminate floor tile for easy maintenance

Our affordable laminate tile requires minimal maintenance while offering a durability and longevity that can't be matched. While no flooring is completely resistant to damages, laminate floors hold up well to foot traffic from guests and pets. You also don't have to worry about troublesome stains because its dense composition makes it less porous than other flooring selections. To keep your selection looking its best, it only requires an occasional sweeping and mopping.

It's also easy to install, so you'll be able to enjoy your new laminate flooring in no time when you choose us as your source for new flooring. We give members of the military and senior citizens a special coupon for 10% off, so be sure to request one if you fall under either of those categories.

Laying every piece into place with laminate floor installation

After you've found an option that works best for you, our skilled installation team will lay your selection perfectly in place. Installing laminate flooring is a demanding job requires exceptional skill to perform effectively and efficiently. With more than 40 years of flooring experience, our skilled crew members have the expertise necessary to deliver flawless results with every installation that we perform.

You can expect nothing less than excellent results when you put our team to work for you. Count on us to provide you with a comprehensive laminate floor installation that will leave you with the stylish look you've always dreamed of.